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How to avoid catering nightmares

There is nothing worse than being in a party with bad catering, awful music, and not a lot of entertainment happening to keep you from going insane. If you have ever been in one, you would know how awkward it is to keep looking like you are enjoying the party so that you would not hurt the host’s feelings.

When you left, I bet one of thoughts running through your head was, “I’m never going to hold a nightmare party like that, ever.” And indeed, whenever you find yourself hosting an event, you make sure that everything has been well-planned to make sure guests are genuinely happy in your party.

For some people, this is a herculean task. It is understandable because not many of us can envision what would happen during the party and anticipate what guests would need. But to help those who are experiencing this predicament, we have listed down common party nightmares for different events, and ways in which you can avoid them.


How to avoid bad experiences in wedding caterers

While weddings are enjoyable to attend, the most awaited party is usually the reception. In fact, couples would usually take more time planning the reception than the actual wedding. Everyone is having fun watching friends of the bride and groom entertain the crowd.

Then they all see the food coming out in hot trays, buffet spreads filled with colourful dishes, and the chocolate fountain already doing its magic. However, all that excitement is ruined by the dull taste of dishes. Imagine waiting for something to happen, and then being disappointed that it was not as good as you think it is.

Good catering is important in all parties, not just in weddings. To avoid this problem, what you can do is arrange for a taste test. Couples usually test cakes, which is fine, the wedding cake is probably the focal point of the reception. But never neglect that is going to be served to your friends and family. Before the taste test, you should have finalised the menu first. Allow the caterer time to perfect and cook the dishes. Once they are ready to present, make sure that you are able to taste all of the dishes in your menu.


How to avoid boring office parties

There is a stigma on office parties, that they are boring and unnecessary. Sometimes you would understand this sentiment because instead of enjoying a social activity, they are only reminded of the work that would pile up because the party was done during and after office hours.

To keep people from feeling the office blues, what you can do is to make sure they are involved in the planning. Are there singers or dancers in the office? Maybe they can provide entertainment for the party. One of you might know how to DJ, they can be in charge of music for the whole afternoon towards the end of the evening. You can also consult them with the food that they want to be served. Better yet, ask for caterer referrals, call up the caterers, and then announce which one you chose to the group. And make sure there are group games that you can all play to maximise their time to socialise with other department.

Getting employees involved in everything will make them feel like it is their party, because ultimately, this party is for them.


How to avoid kiddie parties nightmare

You would think that planning kiddie parties is easy, there are not a lot of things that kids find annoying. For as long as you stick to the theme and the kids are having fun with the games, then you should not worry about anything.

But often, it is not the games nor the theme that causes problems: it is the food and the loot bags. Some of just cannot get it right, we always forget that the food should be appealing to kids and not the adults. Parents have a tendency to overcomplicate the menu when it should have been just simple child-friendly dishes. To make sure that you are able to tick this one off the list, ask your caterer for suggestions. They would know the food kids would love to eat because of their previous kiddie party experience.

Additionally, simply buying candies for loot bags is just not going to cut it anymore. Apart from the sweets, find simple items that you think kids would enjoy. Like little toys, cool pens, and so on. Remember that while they find joy in every little thing, let us make it count by choosing items that they can truly use or play with.



Ultimately, the best way to avoid party nightmares is to craft a foolproof plan. Choose great caterers  (like us!) that have a good record of experience, find out what makes the guests feel excited, then create a program that would entertain them. For sure your guests will leave your party feeling satisfied and happy.

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