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Meet the team

Denis – Manager/Head chef


In July, Denis Baudet joined the Gobble team as General Manager and Head Chef bringing 20 years of experience as a topflight head chef in a number of fine dining restaurants in new Zealand & abroad. Denis has introduced a raft of improvements with the aim of fulfilling our objective of providing our customers with better taste, better quality and excellent value for money.He has worked in most areas of hospitality and has a passion for all things tasty. Denis has changed the menu, developed established relationships with our clients and guided Gobble to be the market leader it is today.

Troy – Sous Chef/Logistics Manager


Oversees and helps manage staff in the Gobble kitchen. He is responsible for assisting in stock ordering and implementing systems. Troy works with Denis to create new and exciting menu options. Troy helps Denis keep the kitchen running smoothly and ensuring only top quality product leaves the premises.
He coordinates a delivery team that often needs to be in ten places all at the same time. Troy works in conjunction with the kitchen to plan the deliveries for the day and is the go to man for sourcing specialty products from around the city.

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